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Welcome! I’m happy to have you here. I’m Eda and I am crazy in love with my family, all things nutrition, health and well-being, sharing with others all the health knowledge I’ve learnt on my journey, and achieving health through eating well.

I believe in living a compassionate life and being consistently mindful of our surroundings and the impact we have. I believe this goes hand-in-hand with my spiritual beliefs.

I lead a vegan lifestyle and my recipe creations are influenced by this. They are healthy, delicious and easy. I have a sweet tooth so you will see sweet delights featured often. I hope I can inspire you to see plant based food as fresh and exciting and most definitely, not boring!

I believe in exercise for therapy and that it must be an essential part of our lives. I believe in making time for our health and nourishing our bodies with the right foods.

A mother by day; a recipe developer, YouTuber, blogger, what-ever-else-I-can-fit-into-my-day type of girl by night, I am always doing something and feel bored if I am not. It’s a win-win type of situation for the both of us!

I hope you will stay for the ride!



  1. Feeling motivated already! Me and my two little minions can’t wait to learn more, eat cleaner and enjoy the ride.

    xx emaanboost

    • admin admin

      Welcome aboard, emaanboost! x

  2. aisha aisha

    Love this! its a great page. Can’t wait to try the recipes Insha’allah!

    • Eda Eda

      Welcome Aisha!

  3. Yasmine Yasmine

    Eda, your youtube channel and cooking page has found me in perfect timing. I’m a mom of a 21 month old daughter. Considering I’m still trying to lose the babyweight I’m happy I can use some of your wonderful recipes especially since the treats are even made with healthy ingridents. Thank you for your help. I’m excited to incorporate more vegan meals into our lives even though we aren’t vegans. Xoxo

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